GelPac technology involves immobilizing bacteria in a slow release gel.  When a GelPac is added to water, the gel slowly dissolves, which releases GelPac bacteria to the waste stream.  Whereas liquid LLMO is often added daily, GelPacs are generally replaced once or twice per month.  There are four GelPac formulations, which means that there is a GelPac model suited for almost any water quality need.  The GelPac is designed for use in package treatment systems under 1 MGD flow.

GelPac products GelPac S and GelPac G must be used with an Automatic Bacterial Injection (ABI) Delivery System.  This combination provides the ultimate in product effectiveness, affordability and convenience.  This combination is so unique it is patented.

GelPac S Once per month application of slow release gel for:  sludge treatment, improving effluent performance in various municipal and industrial applications.
GelPac G

For treatment anywhere grease or fat is a problem.  Cleans sewer collection lines, lift station and septic systems.  Reduces pumping frequency in grease traps and septic systems.  Reduces septic tank maintenance costs.

GelPac LS

GelPac LS is placed in a flow through bag with attached tether.  Tether is tied to post or rail, holding GelPac LS in place in water.  For grease reduction where power/water not available.

GelPac LS2

DOES NOT INCLUDE BAG OR TETHER.  Placed directly into influent end of grease trap or directly into septic systems.  Consult GES for best applications procedures.

Sludge Treatment, Septic Tank Maintenance
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