GES Automatic Bacterial Injection
(ABI) Delivery System

ABI Delivery Systems are designed to maximize the effectiveness of LLMO and GelPac products.  The ABI units are on-site bio-reactors equipped with temperature control, constant aeration, and constant rate water feed.  LLMO products or GelPacs are added to the ABI units.  The bacteria become fully active in the ABI, and are discharged to the wastewater continuously and automatically. The ABI unit may be operated in continuous flow or semi batch mode.

Standard units are the SVD, MVD and LVD models.  The SVD is designed for use in smaller wastewater systems, while the LVD is the largest standard model.  GES will custom design an ABI unit for wastewater volumes which exceed the capacity of the ABI-LVD.

ABI Delivery Systems are also designed for maximum user convenience.  Once the self-calibrating ABI is installed, the user simply adds LLMO products once per day, or in the case of GelPacs, as infrequently as once per month.  LLMO and GelPac products, used in conjunction with ABI Delivery Systems, are effective, affordable and easy to apply.
Sludge Treatment, Septic Tank Maintenance
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