The LLMO product line includes six specialized bacterial formulations.  While each of the six LLMO products is best at degrading certain types of wastes, a mixture of bacterial species is included in each product to provide optimal treatment efficiency.

LLMO products can be used by pouring the product directly into the waste being treated.  This is the simplest method and often is quite effective.  However, for best results, LLMO should be used with an Automatic Bacterial Injection (ABI) system.

LLMO E-1 Excellent for rapid plant start-up, recovery from toxic shock, reduction of BOD and SS and help in cold weather applications.  Increases overall plant efficiency, often used to improve final effluent.  Effective for phenols and hydrocarbons.

Salt water version of LLMO E-1.  Proven effective in fully saturated saline environments.  Commonly used in aquaculture, tannery, and other saline environments, including coastal areas with infiltration.


Most often used for sludge treatment in lakes, ponds and wastewater treatment plants.  Broad based product hydrolyzes a wide variety of organic solids.


Used for grease and fat solubilization.  Applications include sewage collection systems, wet wells, grease traps, drain lines and septic tank maintenance.  Also for industrial waste with high grease/fat content.


Suspension of nitrifying bacteria, converts ammonia to nitrite to nitrate, (nitrification) also denitrifies.  Common uses:  lakes, ponds, aquaculture, aquariums and wastewater treatment plants. Best in fresh water.

LLMO N-S Salt water version of LLMO N-1.  Product of choice for nitrification in brackish up to fully saturated saline solutions.  Performs denitrification step.
Sludge Treatment, Septic Tank Maintenance
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